To maintain long-lasting soft, shiny and tangle-free hair extensions we recommend the following care tips: (Keep in mind, this is 100% human hair so you have to care for it as such.)


 IMPORTANT!  Responsible wig wearing starts with maintaining  healthy biological hair and scalp.



Healthy biological hair and scalp

Many factors contribute to healthy hair and scalp.  We will focus on topical treatments that are healthy for your human hair wig and your natural hair under the wig.
For example, the oil in mayonnaise, properties of avocados, and the conditioning agent in eggs all aid damaged hair. Fresh ginger, grated and juiced, mixed with lemon juice and sesame oil removes dandruff. Coconut oil, jojoba and olive oil reveal soft, silky hair. Apple cider vinegar with water cleanse hair and much more.  Keep reading below for more tips on caring for your hair!


      Washing Hair Extensions

  • Cold water is advised
  • Wet hair and use shampoo that is compatible with hair texture.  Gently comb hair with wide tooth comb to remove tangles.
  • Rinse shampoo out thoroughly.
  • Apply appropriate conditioned and using a wide-tooth comb work the conditioned through hair. Put on shower cap and leave conditioner for 15-30 minutes. Then rinse it out
  • Use towel to gently drain water from hair and apply light serum/leave-in conditioner.
  • Let hair air dry. For curly textures set hair in rollers while wet.
  • Do not sleep with damp hair,and always wear a satin wrap/cap for bed to avoid tangling.


                            For Curly Hair Textures 

  • Finger style or wide tooth combs are best for maintaining curl pattern
  • For refreshing curls spray plain water/leave-in conditioner/curl activators on hair.Avoid hair products with alcohol in them.





Styling Hair Extensions 


  • Keep the use of heat limited if possible.
  • When using curling iron,make sure the iron temperature does not exceed safe levels. Use the lowest heat setting possible for curling/straightening.

We would love to hear how you take care of your wig. Share with us some of your favorite wig care tips. 

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