Welcome to our Profit Sharing Stylist Program (PSSP).  Hair is a multi billion dollar business.  As a stylist you need to make sure you're getting your share of the pie!  The PSSP ensures that you get paid for activities that you're already performing, like selling hair to your clients and network of individuals who trust your opinion about hair.  




1.  Fill out the PSSP application below

2.  We will create a customize website for you with our high quality hair for sale

3.  We will create business cards for you to get the word out about your hair website

4.  You direct clients, non-clients, friends, and everyone to your hair website to purchase hair

5.  At the end of every month we pay you a 12% commission on all sales from your website


That's it!  We take care of all the other needs of running an online hair business including - ordering, customer service, returns, website upkeep and more.

Signup below to get started!

The startup package for the first year is $399.00 and $299.00 every year after.  This cost includes a fully developed website and annual hosting costs and well as a set of 500 business cards.  

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