Happy New Hair!





Let me reintroduce myself

Whatever you hair goals are, the best way to achieve them is going to start with you knowing what you are working with first. In the hair community there are 12 common hair types that are typically explored and more times than not, your hair will fall into one of these four types. (We’ll explore these in a later post)

Knowing your type will help game plan how to best approach your hair care regimen because believe it or not – not all good hair products and regimens  are good for you. Your hair is as unique as all the other parts of you so it worth your well as you start this year afresh, you can be knowledgeable about “who your hair is”


The D(etox) -Word

One of my favorite things to observe about the beginning of a new year is the health goals that people make for the new year. A big part of me also wishes that this would be the goal that people mostly follow through on but unfortunately that is not the case. Either way, it is comforting to see the thought actually resonate with people and then see some actually make that initial effort – you know that early January gym membership  surge and detox diet plans. Interestingly enough a  detox is something that even your hair sometimes needs. Think about it:  we use so much product on our hair for various reasons, so if you think about the products you have used for 365 days, that is A LOT of product. Another way to start your hair health afresh is to detox your hair of all the layers of  products that have accumulated. This is a good way to restore the pH levels in your hair.


How dry can you go?

Everyone’s go-to solution here is “Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!” and you would be right, except piling on different grease and creams is not necessarily the best approach. Moisturizing is key for all hair types but first thing’s first : you need to know your porosity level which can be defined as your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. This will help you in figuring out how to best moisturize your hair type which determines which hair products are best for you. This is good way to approach moisturizing because nothing is sadder than dry hair that greasy, and yes greasy and moist are mistakenly used interchangeably when it comes to hair care, but in this new year let’s try to do better.


You need to cut it!

Probably the last and most dramatic but necessary step. When it comes to hair, I don’t know if there is an act that evokes more emotions than this one but alas. It is a necessary one a lot of time. Consider it the growing pains of hair. A lot of the times, as we have stated in posts before, we tend to hold on to things that have BEEN dead and gone, including your hair. Then we spend even more time wondering why things are just not working out. Yes, I am still talking about hair -stay with me!  Sometimes best reinvention that you can do for your hair is to cut, and by no means am I talking the “big chop” levels of cutting. Sometimes it’s just an inch or two that needs to be trimmed to resuscitate your hair back to health/


Beauty on Budget


The time between Black Friday and Christmas is a weird time for one’s bank account. There are those deals that you have been eyeing for Black Friday. That gadget, or that name brand item that you would otherwise not introduce to your credit card unless it was at least 70% off. Black Friday is your time to make your final push for your wishlist for the year. Then you have to start looking ahead to Christmas and the family members that you will be buying gifts for.  You may even be suspiciously looking for ways to transfer some to the ‘naughty’ list. I mean…..when finances are limited this totally understandable. As if your budget is not strained enough, then you have those Secret Santa parties at work for every department that you collaborate with -the one time where network comes back to bite you. By the time you are done playing Santa, your budget is TRAUMATIZED, so you can imagine trying to squeeze out some change for your hair gets a little tough.


This is when hair care on budget hacks come in handy. As much your main priority is to be the bearer of gifts, during this holiday season, you cannot afford to be raggedy Santa. Here are 3 quick and dirty hacks to buy hair on budget:


  1. Buy online

This is probably one of the most obvious hacks. From a basic cost perspective, it makes sense that online retailers would be more cost efficient.  Online stores = less overhead costs for retailer which means they can afford to give you a good deal on hair.


2. Know the retailer

History is crucial because you want to buy from a seller that has established a good rapport with you or those close to you. Research! Research! Research. Read reviews, especially parts about their return policy and customer service. These are all things that will put your mind at ease when hit that “submit” button to complete your transaction. Don’t be afraid to take recommendations from those people whose style you admire.


3. Know the hair specs you are looking for


It is probably a good idea to know the difference between a kinky curl and a water wave. Keep in mind that your purchase is going to be guided by descriptive words. Sometimes it is worth your while to make a trip to a beauty supply store just to familiarize yourself with the different hair textures, and then you can make your online purchase better informed and with confidence.


Now sure to check out our hair collection at www.makeyourwig.com/shop


The Girl on Fire

By: Mikkey



There is something about the holidays that triggers the inner Better Crocker in all of us. You think back to the years prior and some of the dishes you have enjoyed. You may even have been pinning away, compiling  your “Thanksgiving Deliciousness” board. Unfortunately for some, Betty might not live inside of you at all and those recipes from Pintrest may be easier pinned than done, and if we are being morally honest, you will know this from the reactions that people have when you even suggest stepping into the kitchen for anything other than washing the dishes. Fam, if you find yourself always on store runs, or going to pick up Nana and Popop, or keeping an eye on your “baby cousins” -this is you! Even with all this self-awareness, there are a few of us who will still try our luck in the kitchen because “I’m going to show them”, right? And this is how we end up with weaves/hair on fire. You tried to fry the bird for the first time. Bird dives into hot grease. Grease spills into open fire. Open fire catches your hair. Now girl is on fire.


This is where earlier decisions on the hair you buy will either come back to burn you (see what I did there) or will be your saving grace.  When you hair catches fire they are two likely outcomes that will be determined by the quality of your hair. Human hair and synthetic hair respond very differently to flames and it is important that  you know the difference, because God-forbid you catch a hot crisis, you want to know what to do.


Human Hair

Human hair is made out of protein.  When it catches fire it will only continue to burn if you hold it under the fire, but for the most part the flame will go out quickly leaving just a powdery residue when you touch it. One thing you will notice when human hair burns is the overpowering smell of burning human flesh that the burnt hair has.


Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is made out of polyester fibers or nylon fibers. When these fibers catch fire they can retain a flame so it is possible for this hair to be in flames for a while until you put it out. Typically the flame will have an orange and blue color with black smoke.  The hair will burn quickly and then melt  into a ball of hard plastic once the flame is put out.  It is really hot  and sticky to touch . You will also notice that it will get shorter.


It is pretty clear that human hair is a safer option here. The worst case scenario is you will literally be left with ashes as opposed to a blob of hot plastic that could cause further burn injuries. But you know what’s even safer? Staying in your Kitchen ability lane! As in, if it is a challenge for you to boil water, if you need to follow a recipe for making a hardboiled egg or noodles, if you are better microwave dishes – own it! This Thanksgiving, do yourself, your loved ones and the fire department (because God knows they deserve a peaceful Thanksgiving too) a favor, and just pick up drinks at a store and volunteer with the dishes, and that should be your ONLY contribution in the kitchen these holidays.


Please stop by our store www.makeyourwig/shop.com to get your human hair!


With that, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Mane Essentials – Oils for Healthy Hair

by: Mikkey

One thing that has stood  the test of time is the Earth. We found it here and we are mostly likely going to leave it here -perhaps not in the best shape that we found it, but we will leave it here nonetheless.  Something that we tend forget about the Earth is that it provides us with literally EVERYTHING that we need, and finally many are rediscovering this worst kept secret with a move towards more organic (relating to or derived from living matter) foods and as best as we can, more natural products for everything else.


However, where most people tend to get tripped up is: what about my hair products. Can I incorporate more natural products to maintain good hair health? The answer is a resounding YES! As stated earlier , the Earth is so good to us, it knew hair health was part of your overall health so it made provision for natural products that can help with that.


Essential oils are the gift that keeps on giving. As matter of when it comes to maintaining overall health, essential oils offer plenty of benefits. Whether you are looking to thicken your hair, treat dandruff or breakage or even lightening your hair, there’s an essential oil for that. They are also cost effective in that their use is not just limited to your hair. You can use them on your skin and in your foods as well. The question is which one does what?


Here are our top 7 essential oils that are great for hair:

  1. Rosemary Oil

If you are looking for thickness and growth, rosemary oil is your go-to essential oil.  This oil increases the micro-circulation of the scalp which promotes healing to damaged hair and scalp. It also helps hair resist the traction which is a big problem for those who wear protective hairstyles such as braids and weaves. This oil has been proven to be great in preventing baldness (a condition we all want to avoid) and is known to cause rapid hair growth. Now, I don’t know about you, but every time I hear the words “rapid” and “growth” when it comes to hair, I am SOLD. You can sign me up. This seems like the type of essential oil that should have you heading to the store right away.


  1. Clary Sage Oil

This essential is less known in the hair streets but it is definitely considered one of the healthiest oils to use. It gains its reputation from the plant clary sage which is a medicinal herb that is often used as a antidepressant, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil.  This oil works wonders for especially for hair loss that is caused by high stress levels because the properties in this oil reduce cortisol levels in your body.  Mix it with jojoba oil and you can avoid that flaky scalp that rears its ugly head especially on days that you are rocking your black outfit.

  1. Lemongrass oil





This oil is possibly one of the best replacement for your shampoo because it works really well as a cleanser. Studies have shown it to reduce dandruff after 7 days of using. So, say you are just about tired of your dandruff and really are ready to send it packing. Put several drops of this oil in you shampoo and dandruff does not stand a chance against this double-threat!

  1. Peppermint oil




You know that tingly feeling after you use a shampoo or hair product with some mint it? Yes! Peppermint oil stimulates the scalp. You can actually feel it happening as soon as you apply this oil directly to your scalp. That scalp stimulation is really good for promoting hair growth because it  increases follicle numbers and follicle depth. As if that was not enough – if you need that boost to get going in the morning, peppermint oil can help energize you with its cooling effect.

  1. Chamomile oil




We all like a glossy mane. There is something about hair that has a shine that immediately screams HEALTHY!! Notice I did not say “greasy”. It’s key that we know how to distinguish the two because one is healthy (shine) and the other is a cry for help (greasy). Chamomile oil provides that healthy shine for your hair.  Another interesting fact is that chamomile oil can be used in the place of dye if you are trying to lighten you hair. A combination of chamomile oil, baking soda and warm water and soaking in the sun with the paste on can actually turn your hair into a lighter color. How about that?

  1. Cedarwood Oil



You have been wearing tight braids and weaves for a long time. Now you edges have bid farewell and you are devastated! There is a way to win your edges back with cedarwood which is known to stimulate hair follicles by increasing circulation to the scalp. This is a great oil for treating thinning hair and different types of alopecia.

  1. Lavender oil


This oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are awesome for increasing hair follicles and thickening the thermal layer. This oil can soothe the scalp and heal dry skin and hair. Also, this oil contains antimicrobial properties that fight bacterial and fungal disorders


There are so many other essential oils that are great for maintaining healthy hair, some that you may have heard of and tried. In this article we covered the less commonly mentioned/used ones just to expand options. Please share some of the essential oils that you incorporate in your hair remedies.



Salute to Real Heroes on Veterans Day

By: Mikkey

For the most part,we all know that some hairstyles are just not professional - you know those hairstyles that have you ,the wearer of the style, doing double-takes in front of the mirror and not the good kind of double-take. It’s those doubtful double-takes to be sure that you are not THAT crazy looking. I shall refrain from offering an example here just in case you happen to have that hairstyle as you read this. I refuse to add to your self-consciousness. All that to say, we all know that some hairstyles just don’t belong in the workplace, so we revert to the safe hairstyle like braids, double-strand twists or cute ‘fros and other protective hairstyles to be on the safe side, except, for those women who serve in the military who were once forbidden from exploring these hairstyle options.


In 2014 African American women serving were prohibited from protective hairstyles including twists, cornrows, braids and dreadlocks  under the new  Army Regulation 670-1 “Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia which was challenged by the Congressional Black Caucus as being racially insensitive and discriminatory. After a 3 month review of the policy, the Army, Navy and Air Force concluded that these regulations needed to be more relaxed to include a wider variety of hairstyles and to take into consideration the natural texture of black women’s hair and what it is able to do.


It’s pretty astounding that at some point , African American women making the ultimate sacrifice of serving the country also had to consider how their hair looked like while protecting the country. While uniformity and grooming is a key part of the discipline instilled in the military, a hairstyle should never be an added layer of concern for anyone making this sacrifice. Priorities!


As this Veteran’s Day approaches we want to salute all those brave men and women who serve our country!



By: Mikkey Baloyi


One of the hardest lessons we learn about hair care is a lesson in trust. Think about it. Here is this part of your body that is such a key part of your personal identity to a point that it has enough power to alter how you feel about yourself. Think back to that time when someone (insert name of cousin who claimed she was a hair prodigy with no beauty school credentials) jacked up your hair and how that made you feel. You probably vowed up and down that you would never let anyone touch your hair ….until you booked your next hair appointed with TRUSTED stylist.


What about the products that you use on your hair? If there is one area where we are brand loyal, it is with our hair products selections. Most of us don’t even know why we use this hair pudding or that edge control. All we know is we saw our mothers and aunties keep it in their dressers and even use on us. We establish a trust for those products because of the relationship the women we trust have with them. There is that TRUST word again.


All this to say: there is a lot of TRUST that goes into the decisions we make about our hair. One thing I have always wondered is how much do we trust the products that we use? Do we even know who these people are that are concocting these products? Do they even know anything about black hair? All these questions, right? Well, the great news is there are a few Black Owned hair care brands out there that are trying to earn our trust. I don’t know about you but I think I can at least give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to understanding my hair care needs as a woman of color. That’s definitely a good place to start, however, as the saying goes: TRUST is earned and not given. So here are some black-owned hair care companies for you to research and/or try out - yep!A little homework for ya.Enjoy!

Big Hair Don’t Cur(L)

by: Mikkey Baloyi





Gabrielle union debut her big curly over the summer and gave us all types of diva feelings. This is the same type of big hair that has adorned the heads of divans such as Chaka Khan, Diana Ross and even the Queen Bey. So to say this hairstyle has earned its reputation as the Diva hairstyle is an understatement! And rightfully so. There's an air of confidence that makes you float through your day with big hair.  All of a sudden it every outfit looks edgier paired with the big hair.  You are definitely turning heads because let's be honest even with Divas like Chaka, Diana and Beyonce having shown us how to rock this look with that high grade confidence,  the vast majority of people are still a little gun shy about rocking big hair. Consider how many complaints you’ve heard about avoiding gyms/water/anything fun because their hair will get puffy.


Well, I am happy to inform you that big hair STILL don't care! As a matter of fact Gabby Union is proving this by taking what we thought would be her summer look right into this Fall season too as seen in her Emmy’s look and her editorial for her brand new New York and Company Collection.  The best part about this hair is the easy maintenance! Talk about shake and go, this literally they epitome of shake and go. Humidity?  Bring it on! As a matter of fact, PLEASE bring it on because with this hair the bigger the better.  You will probably find yourself running your fingers through those curls to make it even bigger.  Ok -now you going to think this hair is perfect: this is not a summer or fall look. This is a 365 days rock-as-you please so wear it for the season transition. Save it for Thanksgiving dinner or knock ‘em dead at your company Christmas party. Whatever you do, make sure you try this look at some point.

Here are some of our favorite ladies rocking big hair!

Weather is changing. So should Your Hair Regimen

by: Mikkey Baloyi



At this time of the year, you are probably bidding your farewell to those cute sandals and sundresses, and you digging up those storage boxes with your cardigans and booties. You are probably switching up your body lotion to something thicker that retain moisture in your skin as the months get drier. The thing we often neglect the most in our preparation for the colder months is tweaking our hair regimen as well to accommodate the winter dryness.


Put away the humectants!


This is especially for my natural hair sisters! We love our glycerin, honey, panthenol and others in the summer months because they are great for removing excess oils in your hair that may have tour looking greasy. In the winter, you may need to lay low because your strands need to retain as much moisture as they can.

Select your hats wisely!

The temps outside will drop and you are going to want to bundle up. Maybe even throw a hat on to keep those ears warm. When selecting your hats -yes, absolutely make sure they complement your outfit but also make sure you chose hats with a satin lining again to preserve the moisture in your hair that wool material tends to suck from your hair.


Less gels. More creams!

So here’s the deal:  winter is already dry right? Gels typically work for ...shall we say...holding things in place and holding it tightly. It’s almost like “cementing” your hairstyle in place.  That means it has to get dry to stay in place. That crispy hair is the express lane to hair breakage.  For the colder months go with the creams.


If you have any winter hair tips that you would like to share, please leave us a comment.  We would like to hear from you.

Genie in Bottle: Coconut Oil


By: Mikkey Baloyi



It won’t raise your kids or pay your bills but coconut oil can just about do anything. It is one of those few things that you can safely lather your skin with and then safely throw it in a skillet to cook your food. It’s no wonder that this Jack-of-all-trades is another staple when it comes to achieving luscious hair. But hold on, we put so much trust in coconut oil. Do we even know enough about it: where it comes from, who is its family, etc? Here’s a little reintroduction:


All coconut oils have a few things in common.


  • They are all made from the meat (white flesh) of a mature coconut (10-12 months after the flower begins to form a seed).

  • Water, fiber and proteins are removed from the flesh of the coconut to obtain the oil.

  • All coconut oil, once these constituents are removed, is stable at room temperature. This oil is more stable than any other oil because it is predominantly composed of medium chain fatty acids which are "saturated" by hydrogen atoms and resist oxidation. -wildernessfamilynaturals.com

Here is a fun fact about coconut oil in case you were still on the fence about this gem: In India, the properties of coconut oil are the most famous for keeping hair black, keeping the greys away and preventing hair loss. Considering that Indian hair is one  of the premier virgin hair for weaves and wigs, this explains a lot!



Create That Buzzzzzz

By: Mikkey Baloyi

Buzz cuts always seem to strike a nerve with women especially when so much of women’s identity is unnecessarily embedded in our hair. It seems the default stages of acceptance of a woman willingly wearing her hair in a buzz cut goes something like this:


Stage 1: “Oh, Goodness. Honey, is everything ok? Your….hair...it’s gone.” (All while they mentally go through which WebMd.com illnesses have hair loss as a side effect)



Stage 2: (If you reassure them that you are not ill) Suspicions dive into relationship/life crisis.  After all, who just cuts all their hair off for no reason , right?



Stage 3: slowly realize that maybe….just maybe you may just you CHOSE this hairdo because you actually like it.



Stage 4: Deal!!


Danai Gurira, star of the highly anticipated blockbuster Black Panther is showing up boldly with all kinds of buzz cuts.And just when the plain makes them uncomfortable, she takes up a notch and adds patterns to her buzz and YES, you just have to DEAL because she is not apologizing for her statement do. As if her role as Michonne on The Walking Dead didn't make her a baddie enough.

Many stars have explored this short  look before and have helped us expand our hairstyle palette, especially as we explore options in our natural hair journey.Going natural is definitely a test in patience in the early stages.  While some women opt for a slow transition cutting a little of the permed hair at a time as their natural hair settles into its rightful texture, it's nice to know that you could  just chop it all off and rock that buzz cut health/life crisis-free with confidence for a while.

Once you go Bang!

By: Mikkey Baloyi


Bangs are a fun look if you are looking to switch your look up to add a little mystique but for whatever reason, many people steer far far away from this look, unless of course if you are say our Bad Gal Rih or Bey and your job is to wake each morning slay with an edge. Check these two baddies rocking bangs like only they could.

Then we have the King of the runway because she risen way above queen levels when it comes to mastering the art of the catwalk. Bangs pretty much call Naomi Campbell “Mom” because over the years she has shown us over and over how bangs ought to be done. And may I add that if God has adorned with the kind of glorious cheekbones that she has, there is nothing like a bang to show off the perfect symmetry of her face.

Then there is our new favorite girl Yvonne Orji, the star of the hit show Insecure who plays the role of Molly, a powerful attorney who knows how to handle her business in the boardroom but comes to wrestle the same everyday girl struggles of dating. She definitely knows how to rock that bang. Let’s also not forget the supermodel Tyra Banks who is also infamous for her “fivehead” activism. There sure is no shame in her bang game.

Professional Hair?

By: Mikkey Baloyi

The summer usually a great time for experimental time with different hairstyles and looks be it color, length and texture. It is all about how much you can have in this liberating season, but sometimes you may have to keep your experimental hair fun within the confines of “professionalism” or the perception thereof because depending on your company’s policy you may be walking a fine line.


We all know that the job market is like a war zone these days,  and while you hope that it's a war that you can conquer with your academic background and job experience, there smaller battles within that big job market battle that you have to including what your hair(overall look) says about your professionalism and for various reasons, black women's hairstyles tend to get the short end of this stick . A good example is when the US military had to reconsider their list of “unauthorized hairstyles” which included twists, braids and headbands.  To a lot of women these sound like hairstyles that would be your go-tos if you would were in a high pressure,  high stress environment that is also unpredictable. After a lot of backlash the US military relaxed their stringent hair policies.


Keep in mind to that hairstyles are considered a from self expression so is prohibiting of certain hairstyles essentially suppressing people’s freedom to express themselves? Many arguments have been made to support it counter this point, yet the question still remains: What is a professional hairstyle? And you can't say “something neat and flat”. Most of the typically “unprofessional” hairstyles typically check off in the neat and flat department.  So, again, what is a professional hair


Splitsville - Those split ends gotta go

By: Mikkey Baloyi


The elephant in the room is if you rely on split ends to have a ponytail, perhaps you don't need a ponytail,sis. Let it go! This is the number one reason why people hold on to split ends. They think it offers them at times, that much needed length.To that group of folks I say: please check out www.makeyourwig.com/shop for some “ponytail-under-construction” extensions, but split ends are not the move and here is why?


Read the signs


When you hair splits at the ends, that’s exactly what it is - A SPLIT! Think of it like a breakup. There is really no use in you trying to hold on. It is time for you to literally SPLIT with that part of your hair. Your hair endures so much -heat, stress, tugs, coloring and so much more and as best as it can your hair will remain resilient until it has had enough. At this point the ends of your hair will split as a sign that your hair is really going through it. This means that that part of your hair is dead and will no longer be able to repair itself.



So how do i know it’s split ends?

Well, I have what i call the “see-through” test. Usually the healthy part of your hair is full, has body and blends well  to the rest of the hair when you brush or comb it. Then there’s that tip part of the hair that splits and you can actually see through it because it creates gaps as it breaks off. That, my friends is the part that’s gotta go


Now what?


You get that pair of scissors..No actually you go to a hair professional and you have them trim those split ends and nurse the remaining hair back to full health. Treatments may include the use of oils and deep conditioning, but really that is the only option.So no, don’t try to squeeze those split ends into a ponytail. Think of it this way: you are better off cutting that part of your hair than risking damaging your whole hair.




























Water ‘Funning’ With Wigs

By: Mikkey Baloyi



Now that we are in the smack of summer, water fun is almost a staple in our list of things to do be it pool parties, time at the beach or those ever-so-fun water balloon fights that start randomly but have the potential to upset you if you were not ready….or shall we say-if your wig was not ready.  As the golden rule states “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” When it comes to wearing your wig in water there are definitely some things that you have to consider.




It should go without saying that the presence of chlorine in pools should already present a red flag as to how your wig may respond. Think of this way - chlorine is used to kill pollutants in water which is good because God knows what type of filth we would be harboring in swimming pools sans the chlorine. However, nobody ‘taught’ chlorine to differentiate between what to ‘kill’ and what to ‘spare’. It’s no wonder that chlorine wreaks havoc to hair fibers, even those on human hair wigs and the other material used to make your wig.



Typically that beach water has high salt content. So what does this mean for your wig? Well think of it this way - when you eat a lot of salt you get really thirsty. When hair gets exposed to salt, it gets thirsty as well aka DRY. So whatever moisture your wig had that helps it to look vibrant, goes away a little at time every time you put your wig in salt water, and that my friends, is how you accelerate the lifespan of your wig.




If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know about my carnal fear of the ‘lost wig’ (Continue praying for me) so I will continue to stress wig security and this is a big consideration too when it comes to swimming. Hopefully you have implemented our prior discussed methods of securing your wig like sewing it on or hair clips, but say you are those irresponsible ‘adventurous’ people who doesn’t use these securing methods you might want to revisit your swimming strategy. Are you going to be in the water neck down only and at all times doing very GENTLE movements? As in you want to avoid flexing those Michael Phelps backstrokes because in water your wig will expand, and when it expands trust and believe that eventually your wig will be doing its own backstroke separate from your head as it floats away from you. And, for the love of edges, hopefully no one still does this but if you do use glue to secure your wig - I don’t need to explain how adhesive and water (plus chlorine) feel about each other. Plan ahead!


After reading all this,you are probably thinking: NOPE, I’ll sit out this summer somewhere in a far and very dry place. It doesn’t have to be that way at all. There are alternatives.


Swimming cap or head wraps

Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice fashion for dry hair with swim caps. Now you can get both. With good planning you could actually accumulate a collection swim caps that coordinate with your swimsuits.



DSW(Designated Swim Wig)

Responsible drinkers have designated drivers. Why not apply the same theory to your wigs? Get a designated swim wig! It doesn’t have to be pricey because the whole point is for you to be ok with wearing it only a few times. Viola! Now you can slay at the beach and still have fun in the water. (Remember to secure it though...[wink])






 Blonde Ambition

by: Mikkey Baloyi



While the BET Awards are night to celebrate black excellence in the music industry, it is also a night of daring fashion and what is daring fashion without daring hair. This year the awards served us a night of Blonde Ambition. Whoever sent this memo clearly enough people got it because there were A LOT of stars rocking the blonde hair.


With the summer upon us  a lighter hair color is the way to go. If you are feeling a little more daring, blonde hair may be a great option. Besides, it is rumored that blondes have more fun. You may want in on this fun too but you may also want to have this fun just for one night and that is why everyone needs at least one blonde wig in their collection - for those nights when you get the blonde ambition memo! Here are some blonde hairstyles at the BET Awards this year and some of our favorite stars that have rocked blonde hair in the past. Remember it’s all  about finding the right blonde hair for you.



Myth 1: I am too dark for blond hair

FALSE! Blonde works with any skin tone, and for those with the fear of being too dark to have blonde hair -here is a little of a geography/biology lesson: There are actually groups of black people who grow blonde hair naturally. One group is known as the Melanasian people who sport some of the most gorgeous naturally blonde afros genetically.


Blond Solomon Islanders carry two copies of this mutant gene, which is present in 26% of the islands' population, the team will report in tomorrow's issue of Science. The gene is recessive, which means that blonds inherit it from both parents. The researchers did not find the mutation in DNA samples of 941 individuals from 52 other populations around the world, including European countries. -Science Mag


Myth 2: I don’t think blonde will complement the color of my features

FALSE!! Remember there are so many hues of blonde that everyone can find a shade of blonde that works for them. We might not all pull off a Marilyn Monroe platinum blonde but there are so many other types of blonde colors that can bring out your best features well.


Myth 3: No one will take me seriously


Now if you subscribe to this way of thinking: that your hair color has anything to do with your intelligence I am judging you HARD right now. How are the two related? Stop it and go ahead and have some fun with that blonde hair already!


BEFORE YOU QUIT - Natural Hair Fatigue

by; Mikkey Baloyi


After 17 years of having natural hair.(Yes, you can call me an “O.G” in this natural hair game), I can’t even imagine my hair being any other way. As in relaxers NEVER cross my mind and once in awhile I will try flat ironing if I am feeling adventurous with straightening my hair but that’s about it. However I would be lying if I said I don’t have “few” (read: a lot) days here  and there where I didn’t have natural hair fatigue.


The triggers


As with any other frustration, you don’t just wake up randomly frustrated with your natural hair. Something sets off that downward spiral that leads to “  Ugh-I-hate-hair!” frenzy and it is important that you are aware of the triggers before you make drastic long-term decisions in the throws of momentary frustration.

In-between hairstyles

Who has ever had that moment when  you’ve had your current hairstyle for a while now, are starting to get tired of it but you have not had long enough to be old enough for you to get a new one and you are trying to convince yourself that your hairstyle ancient? Just me?..Oh well. I have said it before and will admit time again - I suffer from HHC (Hyper Hairstyle Changer: disclaimer -condition has not been verified by medical professionals  of its existence let alone my diagnosis of it)

ANYWAY…..it is during this time that I will almost talk myself out of staying natural because I am  campaigning for this new hairstyle “ Well...maybe i don't even need to be natural..”  Let me add this is probably a good time to pull  out that great wig that you should always on standby for moments like these. If you don’t already, head to our online store and let’s take care of that here www.makeyourwig/shop



If you are have natural hair you know that there is a time investment in maintaining healthy curls. There’s the wash routine that can take a good couple of hours. Yes it’s most likely every two weeks but that’s still a couple of hours each time. Then there’s the bedtime routine - twists or braiding and moisturizing. Then there’s the bag of tricks for activities like working out or swimming or spending time outdoors in humid weather. All these have one common thread: TIME, and this maybe a good trigger to make you reconsider staying natural.


There is a plethora of reasons you should NEVER let these triggers quit your natural hair journey.


Natural Hair is BEAUTIFUL

It goes without saying: your natural hair -exactly how it grows from your scalp - is BEAUTIFUL. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. It’s doesn’t matter your curl pattern, softness or which points it checks off on opinionated folks measuring sticks!


Natural Hair is Versatile

Contrary to popular belief, there is SOOOOOOO much you can do with your natural hair. The list of styles that I am yet to try even after 17 years of being natural keeps me excited about the possibility. I mean, granted, the delay is probably that list of favorite looks that I have on rotation that have prevented me from trying  the rest of the natural hairstyles I still have to try, but it is great to know that there is so much versatility to be achieved.


Natural Hair is Healthy

Probably the healthiest your hair is ever going to be is when it’s in natural state. It is not having to withstand the harsh processors like relaxers. You probably pay more attention to it now more than ever and you have a better understanding of how it behaves because you are so in tune with how it reacts to different things. All this does result in overall hair health.


Natural Hair Community is the bomb


Even before your decision to go natural you started searching for advice, came across forums online and videos to help and hopefully connected with a few like-minded people on this hair journey. If you look closely you will also notice that this “Natural Sister Circle” is getting bigger by the day.


All this to say: any reason to make you quit your natural hair is false news! There are so many wonderful reason to stay on this great natural path.



Photo credit: ownbyfemme
Photo credit: ownbyfemme


SECURITY!  Avoid getting your wig SNATCHED!

by: Mikkey


We always talk about  ‘[insert person] snatched my wig” during moments of being highly impressed by someone but everybody knows that one of every wig wearer ‘s worst nightmare is having your wig snatched literally. Unfortunately it has happened to the best of us. You are on the dance floor getting your life with latest dance moves. Next thing you know your wig is flying across the dance floor. Or you feeling glorious in your Rapunzel length tresses. You sit down, sit on the bottom part of hair only to shift your wig “hairline” further back to expose the wig stocking underneath. A mess! You never want to be that girl


However all this can be avoided. There really should be no reason that you are limiting your activity in the fear of unexpectedly separating from your hairstyle in the least opportune time. You should be able to wear your wig with confidence, during absolutely any activity  without fear. Here are some tricks on how to keep your wig secure at all times.



Wig Clips


Probably one of the most slept on ways to secure your wig, these  little babies offer you the 100% flexibility of taking your wig whenever you feel like it and securely putting it back on as you please. They do require just a tad bit of effort upfront  - you have to sew them onto the inside of your wig, but this 10-minute labor is worth it for this flexibility. Once sewn onto your wig, slide your wig on as desired and literally snap the clips and go. All secure!


Bobby pins


Sometimes you just need a little bit of added security. Bobby pins are a great option. All you have to do is lift the hair on your wig. Slide a bobby pin to connect your real hair with a track of the wig. Be careful not damage the wig track.

Sew the wig on


Let me warn you upfront. You have to be strategic about this option. The most important part is making sure that you put on your wig the way that you want it to sit on your head. Once you sew on the wig then adjusting it gets really hard. So put on your wig as desired. MAKE SURE  IT IS HOW YOU WANT IT TO STAY. I can’t emphasize this enough. Then take a hair needle and thread and sew very small loops onto your braid under wig. Do this in about 4 different areas of the wig and you should be good to go.

Keep in mind too that a good start is getting a wig cap that has an adjustable strap. The longer you wear your wig, the more likely you are to adjust it a little tighter as time passes. If you are feeling really fancy, you can go ahead and get the wig caps with the combs installed in them already. Now there is no need for getting your wig snatched.


(And here is a highlight reel below of what you don't want to happen)

Wigs don’t mean thirsty hair



With the changing season upon us, along with worrying about whether your body and closet are summer-ready, you also have to worry about  the ever dreaded case of dry hair! It happens to the best of us, and while change in season may be a factor other reasons contribute to hair dryness including washing your hair too frequently, using too much heat, coloring  your hair or dehydration and an unhealthy diet. As you rock you wig, it also very easy to neglect moisturizing your biological hair, but as we always stress: part of responsible wig wearing is maintaining healthy biological hair!


The good news is wigs are made for putting on and taking off whenever you feel like it, so all you need is to get into the habit of using those moments that you do take your wig off as a time moisturize your biological hair in between washes. The thickness of your braids under your wig also determines  how well you can still moisturize your hair in between washes. The thinner the braids are, the better shot you have at getting that moisturizer in there . Also thinner braids means there is more of your scalp exposed that you can also moisturize the exposed scalp.

However sometimes we go for the quick two braids because, time! And at the core of wig wearing, is saving time, so I get it. Regardless of the size of your braids it is still worth the attempt to still moisturize your biological hair a couple of times a week.




There is no fixed way to keep your hair moisturized. We all have different hair textures and each hair texture responds differently to moisture. Find the method that works for your own hair texture and run with.

Here are some starter tips on how to keep your moisturized under your wig:


  • Your must-haves are your applicator bottle with a narrow nozzle, liquid moisturizer and hair oil of choice and silk head wrap.

  • Always deep condition before and after wearing your wig

  • Spray on your liquid moisturizer on your hair  and the exposed parts of your scalp in between the braids.

  • Spray your hair oil to lock in the moisturizer on your hair and scalp and rub into your hair and scalp.

  • Remember that while you want to be generous with the amount of moisturizer and oil, you also don’t want to overdo it and run the risk of oils dripping through your wig. Bad look!



Repeat these steps a couple of times a week and your hair should stay hydrated between washes

Wig-Making Rookie? Let’s upgrade you


When most people think wigs,  they think a hairstyle that you buy at the beauty store with a hefty price tag attached to it. After all some highly skilled hair stylist slaved for hours to not only pick the right hair, but stitch every strand of hair and then style it to perfection right? Well what if I told you that YOU could make your own wig for a fraction of the price with no hair license necessary?

Take it from a once overwhelmed wig-making beginner who is now staring at wig-making confidence  dead in the face in less than a year. Making your own wig is as easy as any DIY hairstyle you have ever attempted.  Believe me. All you need is the right tools (nothing your local beauty supply store doesn't already have), inspiration from a hot new look you’ve been dying to try and a winning attitude (a lot of it but back on this later).  


It all started with a combination of school -work -life stress and needing to give my hair a break from the tension of wearing braids for extended periods. I needed a new look to pick me up, but it had to be something that could last a long time, something that fit my preferred “get-up-and-go”  requirement and put zero strain on my natural hair.  This sounded more and more like a wig. I took some time to peruse through isles and isles of coveted hairstyles, and every ounce of excitement when I would spot a wig that I thought was definitely “The Look” was met with a double dose of disappointment when I peeped the price tag. Eventually I gathered my disappointment and frugal pockets and went home.


Remember that winning attitude I mentioned earlier? I was still determined to win this battle so I consulted the ever trust savior Youtube to figure out how to still kill these two birds -cost efficiency and the desired hairstyle - with one stone. [singing of angels]...... And there it was….MAKING YOUR OWN WIG! Now before you disqualify yourself, here me out. I am not the most technical of people neither have ever been licensed in any beauty school on any planet. It took watching a couple of videos once or twice...or maybe eight times to be sure, and in baby steps I stitched my first full wig! The devil is in the details and here at makeyourwig.com we want to hold your hand through the process. So gather your desired hairstyle, your winning attitude and you are going to need some hair of course,so how about you stop by at www.makeyourwig.com/shop to get some hair. You’re going to need it!






Photo: Zendaya/Getty Images
Photo: Zendaya/Getty Images

Wigs - The Ultimate Accessory


Forget the spot-from-a-distance grandma church wigs!Done right, wigs have become the ultimate ageless accessory for any occasion. While many still need an extra nudge before admitting to rocking a wig, many of us are admittedly revamping our looks with a hot wig. The stigma around wigs has always been the sympathetic kind that assumes you are suffering from some type medical induced hair loss or the dreaded  “You must be hiding something if you wear a wig” However there are many women with heads full of glorious hair who still choose to wear wigs. We all have different reasons  why we wear them.


Sometimes it’s the variety of looks that wigs offer you. If you are anything like me, 3 days into my new hairstyle I am already looking forward to exploring the next one.Part of the problem may be my ever growing number of pins in my “Looks to try” folder on Pintrest, but hair is more fun that way. Wigs allow you to be as experimental as you wish with whatever look even beyond the perimeters of your own hair’s capabilities. Other times it comes down to time. Yes, doing our hair can be fun when time permits, but on most days if you are adulting like the rest of us, time is limited. So it’s nice to have a hairstyle that you can literally throw on and go!


Despite the convenience and flexibility, as with any other hairstyle, wig wearing should also be rooted in promoting maintaining healthy biological hair. It is undeniable that wigs are our saving grace when it comes protecting our biological hair while we experiment with different looks. Otherwise our biological hair would take a beating if it had to endure all the heat, chemicals, pulling and tugging that our favorite hairstyles require. So it is nice to know that you can rock a hairstyle in any length, color, texture or style with your natural hair healthily tucked under a wig cap.


Whether you are a novice or expert wig wearer, Make Your Wig wants to be part of your wig wearing journey while making hair and scalp health the main priority. Be sure to check out our variety of top quality hair for your wig needs at     https://www.makeyourwig.com/shop/




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